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DW Banner Travel Distribution

Inspire your guests with unique content

With DW, you can enrich your guests' travel experience with the latest news, entertainment or cultural insights. Our extensive offering includes a selection of live channels in EnglishSpanish and Arabic.

In addition, we provide a broad portfolio of video-on-demand content in various languages, including German, English, Spanish and Arabic. The content is characterized by the highest quality and relevant topics that spark the interest of a broad audience. From fascinating travel documentaries to informative science and history content to inspiring lifestyle series, our VoD content allows your guests to customize their travel experience.

To complement our video content, we offer a selection of podcasts to entertain, inform and inspire travelers. Our podcasts provide interesting insights on news, lifestyle, true crime and documentaries.

The exclusive content is available to hotels, airlines, airports and cruise ships worldwide.

See for yourself and discover new ways to inspire your guests and enrich their travel experience with DW content.

General contact: travel-distribution@dw.com

Facts and figures

Global decision-makers from business and politics are part of our worldwide target group - travelers who want to be informed about international issues while on the move.

- 320 million weekly users

- 545 million TV households worldwide

- 89 percent believe that DW is relevant to society

- 86 percent consider DW to be a trustworthy source of information

- 85 percent appreciate DW's quality journalism

General contact: travel-distribution@dw.com

Cooperation network

DW's global cooperation network is a prerequisite for providing travelers with high-quality programming from DW Live channels (English, Arabic, Spanish), video-on-demand content and podcasts.

Our partners include numerous

- hotels

- cruise lines

- airlines

- and airports.

Our DW content is available

- globally

- in over 30 languages

- and on 5 continents.

We are always excited to expand our cooperation network and enter into new partnerships.

General contact: travel-distribution@dw.com

DW Euromaxx (Sendungslogo Composite)

In-flight Entertainment

Flight time is also entertainment time. Lean back and see what movies and documentaries are on board.

DW offers airlines worldwide an exclusive opportunity to enrich their in-flight entertainment. As a specialist in high-quality documentaries and podcasts, DW offers a first-class selection in languages including English, Spanish (Latam), Arabic and German, taking passengers' travel experience to a new level. Our content focuses on sustainability, the environment, nature, science, digital topics, artificial intelligence, architecture, art, travel and lifestyle.

Many of our airline partners particularly appreciate DW's offerings, which focus on European destinations such as Spain, France, Italy or Germany and whet the passengers' appetite for the destination during their journey.

Make your passengers' travel experience unforgettable with high-quality entertainment from DW.

General contact: ife@dw.com